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Special Panty Orders

Sourcing used panties has never been easier thanks to an explosion in dedicated online listings boards, boutiques, auction sites and so on, on any of which at any time you will encounter an array of women offering to sell their sweaty, unwashed underwear, often taking great care to ensure that their scent is perfectly preserved. Frequently, customers will be invited to submit requests with their orders. Some may wish the used panties to be worn for several days before packaging. Others may desire the seller to perform particular tasks whilst wearing the garments. Perhaps predictably, the most frequent requests involve the seller wearing the panties whilst taking part in a particularly strenuous work out, or watching some especially hot porn.

Other, more unusual requests are also accepted by certain vendors. In some cases, customers may wish the seller to perform certain humiliation tasks whilst wearing the panties. This can include things like wearing the panties in public several days in a row with only a short skirt for cover, in the hope that others will catch a whiff of the smell. Similarly, some fetishists get off on the thought of the seller wearing the soiled panties to work, again whilst wearing a short skirt. These customers get very excited indeed at the thought of a work colleague catching a glimpse of the panties, or perhaps even breathing some of that scent in themselves. Conversely, some customers may request that a humiliation task be set for them by the seller, with the soiled, sweat-sodden panties arriving in the mail shortly after by way of reward.

Finding ladies who can accommodate your requests should be relatively straightforward, and there a huge number of dedicated boutiques populated by sellers only too happy to cater for these more idiosyncratic fetishes. In order to protect buyers, it is most important that buyers are looking up for a safe place to buy. One Panty Portal also offers a “Fakecheck” to protect buyers and sellers for scam as this is the most important thing in this business beside staying anonymous. This is a network of affiliated, verified online sellers from whom you can purchase in confidence. Most of the ladies affiliated with this usedpantyportal to be well known among used panty fetish circles, and almost all of them will supply a range of gorgeous photos to help you along as you hold their long time worn used panties to your face.

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