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Spice up those panties offers

Your panties are ready to be sold, you’ve upload as much hot photos as you can and wait for the buyers to come. There are other ways to make your selling page look more attractive and easy to use for buyers, in order to get the best panties outcomes. Divide different pairs of panties in categories for better orientation of the clients. You can sort them out by type of fabrics like cotton, silk, nylon, silk, lacy, leather or create various tags on each offer. sexy Hintern einer Frau in DessousThe most basic way of separation is to create the two biggest categories – bikini and thongs. The models themselves of the panties matter a lot also. Some men prefer more casual stuff, other a hot pair of colorful tanga. However, the most important criteria for making panties attractive will be the length of time they’ve been worn. Wear them as longer as possible but don’t forget to present them to the public in the simplest and easiest way to be chosen.
Except panties you can feel free to sell bras also. They acquire a sexy scent of female perfumes and sweat and are indispensable part of the used underwear industry. You can put tasty body lotions on you when wearing them in order to achieve that delicious female smell. Leave some naughty lipstick marks and add it to the description.
During the winter season you can also offer some accessories for the naughty fetishists. Boots and gloves fetishism exist even if it could sound strange to you. If you have sweaty boots that you don’t like and wouldn’t wear offer them to the craving buyers. You can leave a pair of dirty socks in them and be sure that the buyer would be enchanted with the things you sell. Men have a passion for women’s sexy and feminine hands, with soft and long fingers and painted nails. that’s why gloves have grown to be another of male’s fetishes. They dream to see those beautiful hands and to feel them in action. So add to those panties offer some sexy lacy black gloves. Spray them with nice scents or just leave them the way they are. You can also have more intimate fun with your gloves and sell them on a great price.
It’s all about to put your imagination into action and think of new ways to catch dirty male mind. In no time your profits will grow higher and male attention will be all on you. Open your mind for creating adventurous offers and enjoy the success.


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