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Sell Used Panties – The Best Job for British Women

Selling used panties, the best job for British women, might seem odd to the casual observer, but there are many people who have a fetish for panties that have been worn by a woman recently. Men and some women like the scent associated with panties. Every woman has a different smell to her body and the smell of her most intimate parts are a huge turn on for some.

Men like the look and feel of silk or lace panties that have been worn all day by a woman. He likes the thought that he is touching a woman’s intimate parts vicariously through her panties. Men who like cotton panties usually like the scent of a woman. They might ask that the woman exercise wearing the panties to make them more fragrant.

Whether the fetish is understandable to others or not, there is a market for used panties amongst certain people who find the idea of used panties arousing. To sell used panties, all a woman needs to realise is that there is money to be made by fulfilling a demand. What she needs to consider next is how much money could be made from this lucrative fetish.

How Much to Charge
This depends on a few different factors. First, the quality of the panties. Higher quality panties with fringe, lace and frills will fetch a high price for those buying for the look of the panties. Cotton panties sell better to men that are interested in the scent. A sexy pair of panties will earn a higher price with a certain customer, while cotton will earn a high price with another customer. Each customer has their own particular fetish.

Another factor in determining price is how long the panties were worn. This is often based on the fetish of a particular customer. Some men might want the woman to wear the panties for a whole day, or even two days to truly get the scent embedded into the material.

The third factor in determining the price is whether there are pictures of her wearing the panties. If the man can see a picture of the woman wearing the panties, he will often pay more knowing that they are an authentic piece of clothing that has been covering intimate parts. There are ways to take tasteful pictures without leaking the identity of the woman. She can angle the camera or have a friend take the pictures so it doesn’t show her face.

For some, there is a fourth factor. If there has been some sexual activity while wearing the panties, they could bring a higher price to the seller. If the lady has been touching herself, increased arousal will make the panties more fragrant and therefore more desirable to the customer.

The price of the panties is added into the price that they are sold at, and this depends on how much a customer is willing to spend. If the seller has pictures of herself wearing the panties, this will command a higher price, and she could see what the market will allow her to charge. Selling used panties – the best job for British women – requires a woman to search for the best way to charge a decent amount that will satisfy her wallet as well as satisfying the customer.

How to Sell Used Panties
There are many ways to sell used panties online. Most often women will build a relationship with customers through pictures and dialogue before and after selling her panties. Customers can provide repeat business if they are satisfied with the terms of the initial panty acquisition.

Some woman set themselves up on their own Website or blog with personal stories, photos and an online persona for customers to connect to when they are thinking about purchasing panties. Often, it is more about a personal connection with someone than having the panties of a stranger. If the woman cannot connect with her customer, she might not get the sale.

Other women set themselves in contact with a used panty retailer. This type of company has relationships with other women and clients. Customers can browse the selection of women and pick a woman who meets his particular needs.

Another way to sell used panties is an online ad printed in a classified entity. There are many fetish magazines, Websites and forums where a woman can find customers for her used panties. She could establish herself in the fetish lifestyle as a reputable dealer of used panties.

Keeping Safe
Women who sell their panties online might worry about keeping themselves safe in a sexually charged environment. Fetishists are mostly harmless individuals but like any online communication, women should be concerned with their privacy. Screen names are obviously important as well as a discreet way to get paid. There are various online bill paying sites that can be used to set up a seller’s account for the used panties.

Each woman must decide the right way to sell used panties that fits her lifestyle and her goals. While a great way to make extra money, it must be handled with care if she hopes to be successful at it.

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