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Worn Knickers in the UK

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Why sell used panties? Many women are making money online selling their used panties, and for some of these women the money they make ads up to more than just pocket change. Is it possible to make enough money from your used panties to make a real income? The answer is yes, especially if you have that special sweet smelling aroma that get men seriously aroused and you can entertain them online. Used panties are a fetish for many men, and when you combine it with a woman’s fetish to expose her most intimate physical assets to strangers online, via a webcam, there is serious money to be made.

Why Sell Used Panties?

The most common reason why women sell their used panties online is simple, for the money. If you are thinking of making money online performing on a webcam, there are many reliable cam companies you can find to broadcast from to make some decent money. But, you can make even more money online by selling used panties to your webcam viewers. Most women who make money by “strutting their stuff” online enjoy what they are doing, and this fetish can be fun and lucrative at the same time, if you know how to up-sale your audience.

Why sell used panties? Because used panties have the potential to make more money than the time you spend online performing in front of a webcam audience, or from the current hourly job that you have. If you have the right curves, a desirable face and a sweet smelling piece of pie, then your used panties can be worth big money to men who desire you. The women who have fun with this fetish seem to make the most money. Women can get top-dollar for their used panties, especially if they take alluring photos or videos of themselves while wearing the used panties they wish to sell. And, it is not uncommon for women to receive $100 or more for their used panties, especially if they have a customer who finds them irresistible.

Why Do Men Buy Women’s Used Panties?

The used panty fetish is probably one of the easiest to explain. Men are attracted to women in a very primal way. Humans are mammals, and the scent of a woman’s most private bodily areas can drive men crazy! The scent of a woman’s genitalia is the most powerful aphrodisiac. Also, men like to fantasize about gorgeous women who they believe are unattainable for them to have. In this case, a man who desires a sexually attractive woman can lucidly fantasize about her while in possession of her most intimate undergarment.

Selling Used Panties is not for Everyone

Although, selling used panties is not for everyone, it could be very lucrative for you. The age old mantra “You never know until you try” definitely applies here. Why sell used panties? Because, you can make extra money from this unique fetish and you might actually end up making a substantial income by selling your used panties. Regardless of what some people may think about selling used panties, the fact is that many men find them erotic, enticing and scent-fully deliciously. Just because some people don’t want to believe this is true doesn’t make it not true. The truth is that you can make money selling your used panties.

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