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Published on March 16th, 2014 | by author


Why Men Love to Sniff and Lick Used Knickers

At one point of our lives, we get lost in fantasies. Men tend to have different type of fetishes including stealing, buying, sniffing, licking, and/or wearing used panties from women.

Men love sniffing juicy knickers

Simply put, men just love sniffing underpants from women. In fact, it is sufficient to say that most men purchase used panties because of the scent that they come with. However, many of the panty sniffers on Pantydeal, the biggest online collection of panty sellers and buyers in the UK, prefer panties which do not have any artificial smell such as soap smell, deodorant, or perfume; just the natural scent of the woman. It is believed that the main reason as to why men love sniffing let alone licking used knickers is that they find it to be sexually arousing and some find the smell on the panties to be similar to smelling the woman in person. Maybe this could be the reason as to why there are so many women currently earning a lot of money in England through selling their sexy used panties, while at the same time there is an equally large number of men getting their sexual fantasies fulfilled.

What Men Look For in Used Panties

Panty sniffing as a fetish varies in one way or the other from one person to another. However, it generally involves the act of an individual, mostly men, eroticizing a lady’s used knickers, which include vaginal fluids, urine stains, menstrual blood stains and even stains of feces. Men with this fetish usually find the odour which accompany these stains arousing, and the visual aid of the used panties makes their fantasies more of a reality. In fact, according to many panty sniffing fetishists on, the most erotic thing about soiled undergarments is the connection that it makes between the buyer and the seller. They consider that getting something that a woman wore purposely for them and probably masturbated in, makes them experience that intimate part of the lady. The whiff is usually the strongest part of panty sniffing and licking and many of these fetishists are more than willing to pay good money for a well natural scented panty.

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