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What if you don’t meet the expectations of a used panties buyer

All kind of scenarios are possible in the used panties sales and the more you participate in negotiations, the more you’re going to realise it. That’s why it’s good to have this in mind and even make some plans for the moments when you don’t meet the expectations of a used panties buyer.

In that way you’re going to be prepared having some solutions to the tricky situation and make it possible to maintain your reputation good and your used panties classifieds attractive.

Offering a discount
If you notice that the used panties buyer is discontent and is one of your loyal clients, then you can feel free to offer him discount for the next negotiation. Sending him a second used lingerie may be too big of a compensation, therefore it’s good to use all the other methods possible. Sending him some sexy photos for free or simply offering him a discount, is normally enough for a client to be satisfied and forget about the strange situation. To buy lingerie online is not that simple and many clients choose the incorrect type of garment. Offering a discount to the most loyal and worthy of attention, you can take care of your success and appear like a kind seller.

Being polite is essential
When there is a difficult situation like an unsatisfied used panties client, it’s really important to be polite. The most polite sellers are the most respected online and even when there is some kind of a mistake, the buyer is not going to be that mad at you. Politeness in the communication with the used panties buyers is going to change how they consider you as a used lingerie provider and always prefer you than the other sellers. Make sure that you always portray this kind of behaviour and use it especially when something goes wrong in your used panties negotiations.

Analysing the situation
Before going into extreme politeness, feeling wrong and providing various types of compensations, it’s good to analyse the situation in order to notice who is actually having fault. Of course you shouldn’t blame the used panties clients for anything, however it’s going to give you insight if you really need to compensate them or use more your politeness as a kind of light compensation. Not all of the used panties clients deserve to be compensated and sometimes they are just too capricious and spoiled. Noticing this you can simply continue making business with them but be cautious in these negotiations.

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