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Wearing stay-ups vs stockings

There are so many different lingerie and accessories in the stores that it’s impossible not to be wondering about what exactly you should wear and in which occasions. The stockings are very sexy and popular addition to the lingerie, however there are normally some problems with their use and putting on. Here is some advice listed about the most popular designs and how you can put them in practice.

This type of stockings is thought to be the easiest for wearing with a sexy lingerie. However, it’s very difficult to wear it with garters due to the thick textures because of the silicone. It looks and feels like being more secure than the typical stockings, nonetheless it could be actually the opposite. If you’re into wearing stay-ups with your lingerie, it’s better to abstain from wearing them with a garter belt. It’s far more comfortable and less hassle, creating a modern and sexy look. It takes very little time to put on and not much efforts, so the stay ups are perfect for the busier women.

The stockings are not sold as often as the stay-ups. In order to find some authentic looking stockings you have to look in special lingerie shops and find a good garter belt. They are normally very comfortable and the thin textures are easily attached to the garter belt. It takes time to attach them, but is definitely worth it for achieving the final vintage erotic look. The look of natural looking stockings that haven’t been made to stick to the skin with silicone, makes a significant impression to every man. Every lingerie looks sexier with the typical vintage stockings and garter belt, rather than the modern stay-ups. They fit the body more comfortably and are attached very strongly to the garter belt, being almost impossible to fall. It’s good to try wearing both types of stockings and see for yourself the significant difference. There are occasions at which you would feel more comfortable with stockings and other with stay-ups.

Pay attention to the various designs and feel free to experiment. It’s always needed to try out new things in order to improve your sexy lingerie appearance and the way you feel. That’s how you’ll exceed in selecting nice erotic garments for yourself and would be fashionable in every occasion.

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