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Strange lingerie and fetish plays

There are a lot of strange fetishes of which you may haven’t heard. It’s good to experiment with all of the possible lingerie designs and objects. Therefore, exploring and getting inspired about the sexy fantasies always helps to put your imagination in action.

Dish fetish
This fetish is based on the idea of consumption. The participant can be served together with food and lingerie or naked, and the idea of being devoured excites. There’s a slight nuance of dominant and submissive elements in such a scenario. It’s nice body to be embellished with jewellery and revealing lingerie, that can make a person even more excited about the prospect of being eaten by somebody. It’s a fetish that is not as common as stockings fetish, but definitely has a charming notions and fascinates the more kinky fans of erotic fantasies.

Fluffy toys fetish
The fetish with toys can be experienced in various ways. A kind of perverse photography can often include the combination of young women in sexy lingerie next to fluffy toys. That enhances the innocence and vulnerability of the females, provoking dominant male fantasies. It’s quite important erotic lingerie to be included and juxtaposed next to the fluffy toys. Such contrasting elements normally are the best turn ons for creating fantasies and experiencing the diverse desires.

Pony fetish
There’s a fetish that involves one partner riding the other one and deriving strong pleasure. The position depends entirely on the preferences of a couple. The incorporation of lingerie and sometimes of cowboy erotic garments is important for such a riding fantasies. Such scenarios permit other kinky accessories like whips to be added. It may be the most plain fetish from the three listed and views lingerie predominately just as an undergarment with beauty. There are not too exotic contrasts between the diverse lingerie, objects and actions, so everybody can try such a fetish even with the lack of some elements. Dirty talk can be successfully included and the charm of such an experience is mainly based on the dominance of one of the partners.

Bringing variety into the sexual life with some stranger fetishes and lingerie designs can be quite fun. It’s good for people to be involved and active in sexual fantasies. The difference can be felt and more satisfaction derived from the abundant exciting fetishistic elements and wonderful lingerie fashion.

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