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Should i wear my Panty longer than one week?

Just how long should you wear your knickers for when you are hoping to sell them? This is usually part of the buyer fetish who will let yo know if they want those stinky panties to have been worn for many days or be worn while you have sex or masturbate. You could always wear your pants for a few hours each day to make sure you stay healthy as you complete a special order of wearing your creamy pants for a week or more.

Whether you are selling or buying used panties you want to make sure the order you receive or make is perfect and the amount of time your knickers are worn for is a major part of taking part in this fetish. Most buyers will want your creamy pants to arrive packaged in a way that keeps all the odour trapped within the fabric, which could be silk, lace or simple cotton knickers. Making the most money from a pair of knickers being worn for more than one week could be a good way of making sure the highest price possible is paid for a pair of your dirty pants, but you will also be helping out somebody from the fetish world.

Choosing to agree to an order for wearing your knickers for a week or more is a big responsibility and will take in more of your life than you could consider. By selling your used panties you are building a relationship with a member of the fetish community who hopes to feel a link to you through sniffing your dirty knickers. It’s often a major part of life for a member of the used panties fetish community to see a picture of you wearing a pair of knickers as this only adds to the thrill for the buyer and for you. Knowing the panties you wore for a week or more are being worshipped by a buyer can bring you a thrill and give your confidence a major boost.

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