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Sexy toys and lingerie playroom

If you feel bored with your intimate life or just want to spice things up, you can think of converting a room from the house into a sexy play room and also renovate your lingerie collection. Changing the setting and erotic underwear can be very beneficial for introducing variety and reviving the imagination. That’s the easiest way to change your sexual lifestyle just being at home and thinking more creatively about space and objects.

1.Lingerie collection
It’s time to arrange all of your intimate garments and put them into categories. You can divide them according to daily and more special use, or just select them by colors, designs and brands. No matter the criteria, it’s good to put an order and keep the lingerie into a nice clean wardrobe. That way it will be maintained in its perfect form, found easily and the look of the sexy garments itself will inspire you to wear it.

2.Add new items
Buying new sexy stuff for the new special place is very important in order to give it a naughty feel. You may have never tried to experiment with dirtier objects and lingerie, but now it’s time to change everything and pick some sex toys, bondage and latex underwear. Creating a new special place for having fun should be full of variety and options of entertainment. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate but invest into some spicy daring toys.

3.Choose furniture
It’s not needed to have a special furniture for the sexy playroom. A regular sofa, chairs and tables can serve in a great way if they are made to have a naughty look. Changing their color or adding some extra pillows can convert every furniture into a sexier and more comfortable object. Similarly to the erotic lingerie, furniture as well should have naughty colors, textures and be soft. Everything should match with each other in order the best erotic experiences to be created.

4.Create a list of dares
That is the most interesting and exciting part of the whole experiment. Making a list with hot things to try in the new room can be very exciting. You should feel absolutely free and fantasize about the naughtiest things to try with your lingerie collection and new toys. It’s good a partner to help you with ideas and think of the things you would be happy to dare to try together. It’s definitely a fun and creative way to put the beginning of a sexual exploration.

Putting those ideas into practice, you can become comfortable with experimenting with lingerie and fantasies. Every couple needs a special place where the most intimate objects and thoughts can be enjoyed to the fullest. That’s how you can free you mind and entertain yourself without limits.

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