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Most important lingerie qualities buyers expect

The used panties buyers are naturally not just looking for every kind of used lingerie. Every buyer has his own personal perspective and wants that desires to be fulfilled. You should have in mind those basic qualities, research the buyers’ wants and make sure you meet their requirements.

Lingerie smell
In order to be sure that you offer the key smell characteristic of the used lingerie, you can just follow the buyers’ instructions and wear the lingerie a certain amount of days. That is a very vague trait and every single client has his own opinion on it. Also the smell and its strength can vary among the different individuals and can’t be specified perfectly. Therefore, you can state clearly to every used panty offer the days they’ve been worn and research on the buyers’ preferences. Naturally, you can further play with the specific characteristic wearing the panties doing various activities like running and going to the gym. That can affect the price for sure and give you benefits.

Textures and colours
Every buyer has his own favourite textures and colours when it comes to lingerie. There may be reluctant people that don’t want to specify but for sure, every person has an ideal image in his mind regarding lingerie. When chatting with buyers it’s important to get to know his preferences and try to find the perfect combination of textures and colours. The lingerie aspect is as important as the smell itself, in order for the buyers to feel happy with the lingerie they’ve received. Both affect how far they can go in terms of enjoyment and fantasies.

Specific lingerie designs
Men make difference between the different lingerie designs as well. That’s because of the possibility to reveal and hide body more with the use of textures and the various type of cutting it. There are moments in which a buyer would be more into the revealing lingerie designs and others in which would like to explore something more chic and elegant. The quantity of texture used and materials matter even when the lingerie is going to be used for personal use without being worn by a woman. It makes possible to imagine the specific lingerie on a female body and have more fun with it.

You should have in mind those basic aspects of lingerie and consider them when trying to satisfy perfectly the used panties buyers’ needs. It’s good to be a caring seller and be attentive toward the clients’ requirements. That way you can build yourself a fame and more stable used panties business.

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