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Is it illegal to buy and sell used panties in the UK?

The idea may be appalling to some but to others but selling used panties is done in the UK. It is legal to trade in used underwear such as used thongs as well as dirty underwear and dirty socks.


Those who sell used knickers do it to make easy money, mostly as a source of second income. Those who buy it do it for a host of different reasons. The list includes fetish buyers who buy them for panty sniffing because it is something that they find exciting or arousing. This group of buyers are mostly men who buy used underwear specifically for the scent on it. Some who are put off by the idea call it a cheap thrill but many buyers have confessed and said, I spend alot on my fetish.

Who is buying used panties and why

Such buyers are usually frequent buyers which is one reason the business is so lucrative. Buyers who spend a lot of money for used panties like buying from different women. Panty fetish collectors go for variety from thongs to crotchless panties and other exciting options.

The trade is usually done online on websites. Sellers upload photos of their wares on the website and indicate the selling prices. Buyers only have to create an account so that they can log in, look at the options, take their pick and make the payment online. Both buyers and sellers can opt to be anonymous.

It is important to play on the safe side of the law when it comes to delivery. There are laws about mailing obscene material and used panties may be placed in this category. This is a dilemma that can be overcome by mailing them through courier services. This is the way most websites mail them out to customers. A little extra cash is charged for delivery but is well worth it to avoid run-ins with the law.

If you are looking to make some money on the side, you can do really well in this business. There are really people who spend a lot for used panties. Get it right and you are in the money.

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