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How payment affects used panties buyers’ enjoyment

The way clients pay and when they pay can indeed affect the enjoyment they derive when buying. You should have this in mind and plan carefully how you’re going to proceed with the buyers when it comes time for going into more financial details. Keeping things casual and always being clear is going to guarantee you successful used panties offers and satisfied clients.

When a buyer should paid
There are a lot of disputes about when a used panties buyer should pay for a used lingerie order. Normally, it’s better to let the clients pay when they’ve received the used lingerie, however not all buyers can be trusted a lot. For this reason, an intelligent solution would be to require half of the payment in the beginning, when you send the used lingerie, and receive the other half in the end. That way both sides are going to be satisfied with the payment process and aren’t going to feel insecure about its completion.

The amount of payment required
Naturally, how much a used panties buyer is willing to pay and the amount he actually pays affects the enjoyment he derives from the used lingerie. You should be careful when you set prices and make them be as realistic as possible. Putting a too low price is not a quite good idea, because it can affect your reputation and make you look desperate. Putting average or a little bit higher prices can attract the attention of the used panties clients. You can just consider them regarding the type of used panties buyer you’re chatting with and offer various proposals.

What is actually paid
Sometimes it’s good not to be a very strict used panties seller and put prices to everything. Giving some free sexy objects or lingerie for the most loyal and special buyers, you can maintain their attention and not lose them in the future. It’s important to dedicate some time and efforts to invest in some buyers more than others. Just pick the most reliable and behaving clients you’ve had in the negotiations, and work on converting them in obsessed with your lingerie fetish fans.

Having in mind these details about payment and prices, you can control how the used panties buyers react and look at your offers. It’s a very important aspect of the used lingerie sales, that should be observed and manipulated carefully. That’s how you’re going to become a smarter used panties seller, able to manage her business through the most subtle details and characteristics of it.

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