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A place to buy and sell your used panties in the UK

In the 1960s the western worlds witnessed the emergence of a brand new revolution. It was not a political movement of people planning to overthrow their oppressing government, but rather a sexual revolution that was bent on changing the society’s outlook on sex.

With it came all sorts of sexual indulgences, and before long a different sexual fetishism was born. For the first time in a very long time, females discovered that they could actually make money by selling worn panties to fetish clients in the market.

Best way to buy (and sell) used panties is online

This led to the creation of several websites that were developed to meet the exceeding needs of many erotic consumers who seemed dissatisfied with the idea of just sniffing wet undies. These clients demanded for something more than just a pair of nicely made thongs dipped in female fluids. It was this deep realization among various clients that intense sexual pleasure could be attained that saw a small team of individuals come together to form, one of the most trusted panty selling portal on the internet today. At the moment, no one would have thought that within a short period of time, the website’s popularity would be felt in many part of the globe.

Pantydeal today:

Today is home to hundreds of used panty sellers from England as well as hundreds of fetish buyers in the UK. It no longer matters where a buyer is located in the world anymore in order to receive their erotic items. There are some who will ship for free to the UK or other locations around the globe. Apart from providing hundreds of customers online at, it has also allowed different sellers to dispose panties they rarely wear and earn money in the process. From dirty colourful panties to smelly under garments, happy buyers have continued to pump money into the famous trade.

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