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3 lingerie ideas for the fans of sweets

There are many common things between the food and sexual enjoyment. Specifically the sweet foods release very strong chemicals in the brain, making every single erotic game more exciting to experience. You should experiment more and include freely some sweets next to your sexy lingerie. That’s how you can enjoy yourself more and even provoke the attention of the others.

Making a lingerie cake
If you feel like cooking, you can try to make a cake in the look or shape of a lingerie. There are many options you can use like cookies, cakes, rolls and add various creams. All people get excited by the look of a lingerie when they see it on a cake. It’s very playful and teasing, perfect for when you want to suggest dirty ideas in an indirect way. It’s fun for moments with a partner or you can impress your dirty panties fans with some tasty photos of lingerie cakes.

Sexy and sweet photos
Another thing you should definitely consider to include is to photo shoot yourself with sweets and lingerie. The soft dough of the sweets combined with the sexy lingerie, always creates a very intense look and feelings into the viewers. The act of eating something tasty and wearing erotic underwear, reminds a person of two very pleasant moments in the daily life of everybody. The combination of the naughty with the tasty, is absolutely irresistible and should be included into your photo sessions and teasing games.

Combining pleasures
In order to feel every moment, you should learn how to combine the different types of pleasure. You can add to the tasty foods and lingerie many other sensations depending on your preferences. It can be the physical touch or the pleasant sounds of a music. Exciting as many senses as possible you can guarantee yourself and your partner the best experiences ever. In the various combinations lingerie changes its meanings adopting many exciting ones and reinforcing the entire enjoyment. That gives varied opportunities for experimenting and looking into the special significations a lingerie can have depending on the different contexts.

If you want to have fun or excite your used panties fans for the lingerie sales, you can always try to add these three kinky ideas and experiment with them. It’s up to you to put them into practice and share them with someone else. At the end you can have a lot of fun and improve your abilities to enjoy, sell and relate to the other sexual beings.

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