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3 Additional things that you can send to your used panties clients

When you have more free time and feel more inspired in the used panties negotiations, you can experiment and send some additional garments or accessories to your clients. It’s one way to receive information about what are their preferences and what type of articles you could add to your official classifieds in the future. It’s going to be a big surprise for them to receive more stuff that they have paid for and you’re going to count on sincere feedback sent by them.

Have fun and try to experiment with your used panties negotiations, and prepare yourself for future development.

Hair accessories
The accessories that you use for making different hairstyles are not expensive and you can use your old ones for your used panties negotiations. Adding some interesting ones, like some feminine ribbons or elastic bands, you can excite the client and add to his final sensations. These typical parts of feminine clothing normally provoke sexual fantasies in the men and are going to be useful in the naughty business. Test what are their likes when it comes to hair accessories and interrogate them about their opinion. It’s definitely going to be fun for both of you.

There are many type of pyjamas that women wear. You can incorporate some elements of your pyjamas that you’ve worn and see the reactions of the buyers. Some of your clients are going to prefer cute pyjamas, while others would like to have more naughty themed garments. Send part of your pyjamas according to the taste of the used panties buyer and look forward to his feedback. When you’ve known the client for some time, it’s going to be easier for you to decide what exactly to send to him. However, what matters the most is to be bold enough to experiment with everybody and make them take great joy in your promotional offers.

Belts and ties
These specific accessories are going to impress the naughty minded buyers that like to experiment with BDSM. If you’ve noticed that someone from your clients is interested in this type of fetishes, feel free to include such an element in the lingerie that you send him. He is going to be quite surprised to receive an interesting accessory like this from you. If it turns out that he is not such a big fan, he is still going to like the idea of receiving something additional from you and would feel inspired to experiment and share with you his experiences.

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