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What type of panty seller are you?

There are two main types of panties sellers according to the personality and manner of handling the buyers online. People have thousandths of different traits and behave in various ways throughout the world, however some common patterns can be distinguished and presented. Knowing which type you are, it could make you think how your dirty panties offers stand out from the others and yourself, too. It gives self-awareness and opportunity to think how you could develop further your character and dirty underwear business.
The first type is the Angel Type of dirty panties sellers. They’re innocent, don’t dare to put too revealing photos and dirty underwear. Those sellers want to present their offers in modest ways and act more passively than the others. Grown up in an environment of strict family rules and never giving up traditions, women tend to appear quite elegant and behave politely when dealing with dirty panties buyers. Just like angels, their most prominent traits are to act well, don’t get into trouble and dirty stuff, sell professionally and in a timely manner. It’s a nice type of dirty panties sellers which have their own unique shy presence in the used underwear communities.
The second type of course would be the Devil Type. Women are more daring and active when sellingEngel und Teufel their dirty panties, many times they’re the first to offer their underwear to buyers. Revealing photos, videos, spicy use of language, all types of bold and mischievous behavior could be found in their character. Those women like to experiment and break rules in every possible situation, deriving pleasure of the exciting and odd results. They have a special place online, driving men crazy with their audacious behavior.
There could be many discussions which type of women are better at dirty panties sales. However, both types have their advantages and disadvantages and please the hundreds of men online in various ways. It depends on the personal preferences of the used underwear buyers. Moreover, both types could be mixed and enacted in different ways in order to be the most successful dirty panties seller. It’s good to identify yourself first and then use your personal traits and play with new ones in order to be better at panties selling.
One of the nicest and most useful tips you can have in mind is that you should always have fun and let yourself free to explore. New fresh ideas can often make your panties offers more dynamic and full of success. Play with the possibilities you’ve got online, explore yourself and practice ravenously with your dirty panties buyers.

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