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Hot Bacon Panties

Recently a new trend has been created which would awaken everybody’s naughty desires. Panties smelling like bacon are now offered in the shops to make of someone sexy and tasty smelling victim. The idea of the red hot smelly panties had appeared when rumors about how dangerous for health the processed and smoked types of meat could be. However couples now will have the opportunity to enjoy at least its smell under the sheets. The concept is naughty and kind of perverted, implementing unusual smelling panties in bed. During cold winter season more meats are consumed than veggies so its a nice timely conception.
This brand new panties prove the significance of smells in sexual activities. The bacon smell changes the focus on food-like smells to complement feminine ones. In a society where eating is a main preoccupation it’s quite normal different food themes to be incorporated everywhere, even in the design of panties, too. Once more it enhances the idea of consumption during sex. Both partners consumer each other’s bodies and enjoy themselves. That’s the primary side of bed activities stressed by psychologists. After panties have been smelled and everything tasted, then comes time for love.blonde in the studio
Having those details in mind, such a theme can be freely used in selling used panties too. Introducing new smells like bacon, blending natural smell with others, would give a nice chance for experimenting while selling. Creativity should take place in offers, too, otherwise buyers would get bored with all of the same panties offers. Using real bacon to rub on your panties or another types of food, leaving pieces of colorful candy in them, would make buyers excited to buy and explore the different offers. A pair of sexy black smelly g-string with some m&m in them, would surprise every client. It’s at the same time a kind of teasing and promoting your panties to be bought. Following the trends or just thinking about some wild naughty ideas is the best way to make your panties stand out and receive more attention. Trading panties requieres efforts and creativity, too.
Following male’s fantasies and desires never deceives. Smelling is definitely men’s favorite secret thing, and efforts in attracting it should be made. Adding new smells or just enforcing the usual ones, they for sure would go crazy for a sexy pair of panties. It’s in their nature. But imagination for sure should be used in order to lure them and maintain their passion for longer.

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