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Dirty panties buyer traits

There are hundreds of dirty panties buyers online and among them you can stumble upon quite strange creatures. Unusual behavior, character and use of language, everything can make them stand out from the normal buyers. It’s good to know all of the possible types of dirty panties fans in order to spot them rapidly and be careful while selling your dirty underwear.


1.Unreliable – steal your dirty panties
There are buyers who act like thieves and at the end of the whole buyer-seller interaction don’t give the money. It’s one of the worst types of men met online and fast recognition is key. Don’t give your dirty panties unless you receive you money for them!
2.Doubtful – hard to make panties deals with them
They doubt everything, your behavior, messages, offers, and are paranoid about the panties offers. Of course there are many scams online but with such a degree of anxiety no body is able to make a dirty panties deal going.
3.Impatient – short-tempered and ready to insult
Some people by nature are more impatient, however when we’re talking about online selling of dirty panties, the whole process needs time to be completed. It’s a question of common sense and consciousness of how things work.
4.Rude – full of hateful feelings, although panties deals are not the cause
They can’t deal with anger and pessimism and project it over the dirty panties sellers. It’s definitely quite bad and no one should maintain contact with such aggressive buyers.

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1.Polite – good use of language while dirty panties buying
Every good buyer should be careful in what way communications with dirty panties sellers. Behaving politely is the key rule to spot on the right buyers for your dirty panties offers right away.
2.Respectful – value your dirty panties offer and personality
Those buyers are gentlemen and intelligent, know that it’s all about making business and don’t dare to act too aggressively and naughtily. It’s an unique characteristic of smart people.
3.Maintaining contact with the dirty underwear sellers
It’s important to communicate and inform each other about different types of information like if the pair of dirty panties are sent and received successfully and both people are satisfied with the panty deal.
4.Reliable – send money on time for the dirty underwear
Good buyers always send the money and don’t avoid the financial questions. There are many fake buyers, and it’s crucial to notice if the buyer is going to pay for real for your used undergarments.

Those are some of the most basic traits of the used panties buyers which you can encounter while selling online. Have in mind all the possible ways in which they can act and behave with you and you’ll successfully prevent yourself many troubles with dirty panties offers and have fun calmly.

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