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8 things to try with your dirty panties

There are more sexy and exciting things to try than you think. Selling dirty panties online you’ve got all the freedom to experiment and put your dirtiest fantasies in practice. Earning money is now easy and entertaining, so let’s give a try to the quirkiest ideas possible.

1.Dirty Panties Chat
Create a sexy chat session with one of your favorite buyers and have fun with it. Put all your passions into action, share dirty materials and at the same time you can make your panties dirty and your buyer fascinated with buying them.
2.Turn on your webcam
Showing what’s happening on live with your panties it would be exciting for both of you. You can easily hide your face and have the quirkiest and hottest fun ever, sharing your intimate experiences and underwear with a stranger.
3.Exchange dirty materialsSexy woman in white lingerie over snowy background
Why not send him some sexy movies you like to watch. That would immediately send a hint that you’re ready for having some dirty experiences online with him. That makes you look like a hot seller knowing how to sell dirty panties.
4.Dirty panties exploration
Make him explore what is so special about your panties letting him know about some of your most intimate fantasies and things you want to try in the future.
5.Provoke dirty panties buyer
Ask him naughty questions and give just a bit information about you and your panties. That way you make him engaged and turned on, ready to pursue you as a dirty panties seller.
6.Underwear stories
Tell him the story about where you’ve had fun or made your panties dirty with as many details as possible. That will instantly evoke desires in him to have the pair of dirty underwear.
7.Group panties fun
Invite some friends and have fun chatting or in video. It can sound a bit strange, but group chats, especially sex related can be quite entertaining and make you appear as a unique and fun panties seller.
8.Role play
Explore your favorite roles and put on the appropriate pair of panties. Stories are quite powerful for male mind and the built up sexual tension will result in more dirty panties sold for you.

Having in mind some dirty sensual ideas you can always spice up your panties offers and guarantee your success in sales. Men adore provocations and adventures, so you should definitely open your mind for experimenting.

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